My sister and her little babes. ❤️👇Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

My niece and I 👇

And meet Zachary my cute little nephew. 😍

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Happy Thursday boo thangs! We got back from Portland Tuesday night so I decided to share a few of the places we ate at. I didn’t get to take a ton of photos because I was with friends and family but I got a few shots and they are above. We had such an amazing trip, spending time with my sister and brother and her kids and some friends. Even though we had a blast its nice to be home. I barley got to see Surge on the trip I felt like we were on the go and of course I missed his face. I went to a few coffee shops that I was obsessed with. First one was called Black Rocksecond one was River Maiden and finally the third one was Good Coffee. The best coffee I have ever had. I love Portland because of how amazing there coffee is, its not Starbucks on every corner but a ton of small coffee places and I was so excited lol. We also had a really good breakfast place called Petit Provence OMG! They had the best croissants with jam I’ve ever had I am craving one right now! If  you are visiting you need to try these places. We also attended a wedding over there and it was so much fun. It felt like such a short trip but we made the best of it. We also did some shopping and that is always a blast. If you have any more questions about or short trip to Portland just email me. 😘

Back to the shoot. This look is prefect for Fall and I am excited to show you all some fun Fall styles I have planned. This one is one of my favorites. I love all of the prints. I decided to add some socks to make it a little warmer and love how it all looks. The blazer, top and the belt just add a ton of pop to it.

This weekend  I am collaborating with a Hotel in Downtown Denver and I decided to do a vlog of our weekend so stay tuned for that. I cannot wait to share with you about our coming up weekend and if you are visiting Denver a review on a hotel will help you to choose one. I’m back to working out and doing cross fit and its been going great. I am actually feeling so much better, in a sense of eating heather, it gives me more energy and I just feel so light and not bloated as I used to. I can’t wait to see results.

Thank you for stopping by and for your love and support. Have an amazing rest of your day. 😘

Lots of love, Alena Gidenko

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Monday! ☕️ All I need today is a cup of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus. We fly back home tomorrow and I am so sad. Its been so much fun, from hanging out with some of my family to seeing a ton of friends. I loved seeing and catching up with everyone. Sometimes I feel like we should live here. 😜

I love, love, love this dress. The style, color and just how adorable it is. It reminds me of Mexico and now I want tacos. Literally every time I wear this dress lol. I styled this dress with my favorite lace up flats and added a fun watermelon clutch. Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram and see all the photos of my trip. The link is up above. I am not sure what we are up to today but can’t wait to share with you all when I get back. Thank you for reading. ❤️

Lots of love, Alena Gidenko

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Happy Friday babes! I am currently in Portland and I am soooo excited. I flew in late last night and I cannot wait to have my sister come pick me up. We are going to do a bunch of nothing today. Just explore, I want to check out a few places here. Mostly spend time with my new baby nephew. I can’t wait to meet him. We flew here for a wedding on Sunday and I get to spend time with my sister and brother and friends. I cannot wait what this weekend will bring but so excited to see everyone and just have a great time.

This outfit is so fun and literally screams happy all over it. I love this banana crop top. I love, love, love fun printed tops and I have been buying a ton lately. I feel like I am leaning towards more bright stuff, well I always have but it feels like its getting worse haha. You should see my closet its all bright and printed. I have a few white and black tops but other than that its all colors and I love it. I styled this top with some striped culottes and I am so obsessed, I love these bottoms and have been wearing them a lot. There are so many ways to styling them and they are fun. I also added yellow heels and a green belt for the outfit to just pop all over the place. I hope you enjoyed today’s post and thank you for ready and stopping by. I love you guys!

Lots of love, Alena Gidenko

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Happy Wednesday dolls! So glad to be showered and cleaned after a crazy day of work yesterday. Starting next month I won’t be doing anymore 24hr shifts. I just feel so overwhelmed with blogging, working and trying to keep my self from going crazy, lol. So I will be working part time for now. I want to try to focus more on blogging because thats kinda taking over a big part of my life which I am happy about. My hubby and I have a few goals we are trying to reach so I can’t wait to share with you all soon.

This look is similar in a way with the last post because they are both styled comfy/stylish. I am obsessing over this top. I love the whole denim look on tops and this top has all types of denim colors. I loved how it completed the outfit. I added my white All-Stars and a faux leather skirt. This look is so comfy and perfect for those days when you don’t want to dress up too much. This look is also perfect for fall, just add a cardigan or a light jacket if its a little chilly during the day or at night.

Guys!!! I found a CrossFit gym about 5 minutes away from home and I am soooo excited! I went to my first class Monday and the class lasted an hour and I fell in love. That hour flew by so fast and I have never sweated as much as I did in that class. I cannot wait to see my body change and just be healthier and fit. EEEEE!! 🙌 I have some errands to run this morning, CrossFit and then gonna run home and try to pack a bit because we are leaving tomorrow. I also have my Madewell event tonight from 5pm-8pm, I would love to see your faces. If you need details you can see them (here) or just email me if you have any more questions. Looking forward to it. Have an amazing rest of your Wednesday and thank you for reading.

Lots of love, Alena Gidenko

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Good morning! ☕️ Currently sipping on a cup of Jo, mmmm I am so excited about this post. Not only is this dress just so darn cute, its so much cheaper than the one I found on asos.com. This dress is under $50 and the one on asos is $430, whaaaaat?? I cannot afford that or as a matter a fact thats a ridiculous price, for me at least. You can still look stylish and cute at an affordable price. I know there are some girls that can afford it and that is totally fine but for some of us its hard and that’s when we try to find the best deals. This dress is amazing and I am showing you how you can style it in a super relaxed look. Lately I have been wearing heels so I wanted to show you how you can look stylish and comfy at the same time. I just added some white high top converses but you can also add any kind of comfy shoes I just feel like the all white will look the best. I also threw in a jean jacket to complete the look. I added all of the links down below so check them out and let me know if you have any questions on anything. I ordered a size small and it fits great without a bra. So maybe a medium would work better if you are bigger on the top. I hope that helps.😘

This weekend was so fun and relaxing. Friday I did a ton of shoots with Gina at the sunflower field so the next couple of weeks you will see a ton of photos in the sunflower field, #sorry. I cannot wait to share. Saturday the hubby and I slept in and then decided to go on a bike ride and get some breakfast. The weather was perfect! 🙌 After we were done, he headed to work for an hour while I showered, cleaned and did a ton of laundry. It was so nice to catch up on the house stuff before the week starts. We headed to union station in the evening for some sushi and of course ice cream. Around 10pm we were so tired so we just headed home, #oldfarts 😜. Sunday we had church, some lunch and went home to watch a movie and snuggle. I am excited for this week. It will be a bit busy before we leave to Portland on Thursday for a wedding. I have a few errands to run tomorrow and shop for some cross fit gyms. I am wanting to start and I can’t wait to try it out and see if its something I would do. So I will keep you posted. By the way I hope you all make it to the Madewell event I am hosting Wednesday. See the details (here).

Have an amazing Monday and as always thank you for reading and following along. Love you guys.

Lots of love, Alena Gidenko

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Happy Friday babes! I have been up babysitting last night and this little angel has my heart. I babysat one of my coworker’s baby because she has to do the night shift and couldn’t find a nanny. Of course I said yes because I have such baby blues and its probably gotten worse after I got to spend some time with her yesterday haha! Used to be a full time nanny so I kinda miss it.

Today I am showing you how to create a easy simple hair updo. I call it the fishtail pony. Its so simple and I have attached a tutorial on it below this photo so be sure to check it out and as always give me a thumbs up 👍 if you like it and want to see more. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe (here). Thank you all for reading and following along. Love you all.

Lots of love, Alena Gidenko

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Happy Wednesday! I feel like one of Jesus’s disciples. Literally this whole look reminds me of walking with Jesus on sandy roads and its actually pretty awesome, haha. I love this look its perfect for the beach. I had Christine take these pics by the beach when I was visiting her a few weeks ago. I felt so holy. Christine did my hair because life is so much easier when you have a hair stylist around haha she’s the best. I just added some simple gladiator sandals and a pop of pink for the lips. This dress is so light and the detailing is so pretty in person.

Today’s post will be a bit short just because I am exhausted from work, I hope you enjoyed this look and hope you understand. I have so much fun stuff coming to my blog and I can’t wait to share. Today I have errands to run, some shoots, lunch with a friend and gym after I take a nap. Thank you all for reading and following along y’all are the best.

Lots of love, Alena Gidenko

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Happy Monday! Love this shoot. Its all about how being modest is so important. You can still look adorable and look modest at the same time. I love the skirt, its the perfect length and the colors and prints are just stunning. I styled the skirt with a stripped top and some fun pink flats that I am currently obsessed with. Being modest doesn’t mean you have to wear a turtle neck and the longest skirts. It means being presentable and not showing too much skin off. I absolutely love how comfy it is. This skirt will be prefect for fall. I am actually so excited and can’t wait for fall. Lattes, scarfs and getting all layered up in fun fall colors.

This weekend was a little sad my hubby had to work and I felt so bad because he was stressed out and just seeing him like that was breaking my heart. He was supposed to have it off but didn’t because he had to finish the job. I slept in a bit and brought him coffee and drinks and hung out at his job for a bit. I went and ran a few errands and went home and literally did nothing. It was nice until about 5pm after that I was like um ok I’m bored. Hubby got home and we went out to dinner then relaxed. Sunday we went to church, lunch and some shopping and then drove around and saw the prettiest sun flower field so of course we stopped by and took a few photos. It was amazing. I am actually wanting to go back this week and do a few looks so stay tuned. Thank you all for reading love you guys.

By the way our pastor was talking about how sometimes in life we have something going on and we focus too much on it and he suggest that we all write down our prayers on a piece of paper and pray them out loud everyday until God has an answer and He will. We just need to have faith. Hope that helps and I can’t wait to try it. Have an amazing Monday. 😘😘

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Happy Thursday! We are so close to the weekend and I can’t wait I am so ready for it. I am exhausted. Working like crazy, finishing this posting and heading out thank God its only 8-4 and not 24hr shift. I am still exhausted from getting off yesterday but I am so thankful I got through it and there are residents who love and adore me and I love and adore them as well. If it wasn’t for them I don’t know how I would get through long days like those. 👐 Can I get an AMEN!!! Today’s shoot is about this flowy dress and a fun shoot I did with Erica from thecreativelog.com  we had so much fun. She brought a ton of props so we decided to do a fun picnic and they came out great. I though this dress was perfect just because it was so light and just right for those hot summer days we have been having. I styled this simple dress with colored heels, a hat and a faux leather jacket if those nights that get chilly. I also added a simple necklace to make the outfit complete. I tied the side of the dress because I am oh so short but its ok. 😘 I got this dress from stitchboutiquedenver.com by the way they are having 75% off the entire shop this weekend from 8am-6pm so get on it because they have the cutest summer stuff and a tons of fall items. ❤️

So before I say good bye for today I wanted to share a little bit that has been on my heart this week. When you have a stressful day or something bad happens like a death, or anything at all how do you cope with it? Do you blame God or do you pity yourself and say oh its not my fault its someone else’s fault. Well let me say each and everyone of us is going through something. From losing a family member to something totally different, we are all living a hard life but we shouldn’t be blaming God but instead praying and thanking Him for everything because His timing is perfect and maybe this thing you are going thru makes you so much stronger down this road we call life. God has so much love for each and everyone of us and just think how much God has given us, from the air that we breath to the clothing that we wear and even to the food that we eat and we all take it for granted. If you have something weighing on your heart let God know, be positive and know things will change while praying to our heavenly Father because He will make it happen He just has his timing. Just know you are loved more than you can ever imagine and He loves you any way you are just give yourself to him because boy oh boy your life will be forever changed in an amazing way. Don’t blame anyone for your mistakes but instead look at how you’re living it and ask God for guidance through it. AHHH I have so much more to say but I have to say goodbye for now. Thank you all for following and reading along. You are all the best. 😘

Lots of love, Alena Gidenko

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Happy Monday darlings! So sad the weekend is over, too bad they are so short. 😕 I worked Friday and we went out with some friends for sushi. I really missed Surge so we kinda stayed up late and hung out at home. Saturday he worked 😕 so I kept myself busy and did shoots all day. Then later that night we went out for dinner and dessert, oh and some really good lattes. If you haven’t been to Sugar Mill you should, they have really good desserts and I love there macaroons, mouth watering. 😍 We stayed out really late but had a blast. Sunday went to church and then went home and decided to go on a bike ride. Surge got a motercycle last week and we finally decided to take it out because the weather was nice. It was so much fun, we drove around for a bit and then headed to downtown for some bomb Nutella crepes at Crepes n Crepes. 😁 UMMM… working out like cray this week haha. On our way back home it started pouring so hard it was crazy. The rain felt like needles hitting my legs because I was wearing shorts. 🙈 I felt so bad for Surge because he wasn’t wearing a helmet and he is bald and the rain was hurting his head 😕 lol. Other then that my weekend was pretty amazing. 🙌

These shorts are bomb, oh and they are on sale for $13 😱! 💥 I was kinda worried about the high waisted shorts just because I feel like they look weird on my body but when I got them and tried them on I was like um hello where have you been all my life. Love the color, the style and how it has a bow to make them look complete. They are so comfy. I styled them with a simple black crop top, black heels and some fun gold jewls for my wrist. I added a fun prints purse for some color. These shorts are perfect for being modest and so those cheeks of yours don’t show. 😕  Hope you enjoyed this look and thats all folks. See you soon and thank you for being so darn awesome.

Lots of love, Alena Gidenko

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